PRIVACY EVALUATIONS - If your organization is looking to be guided by privacy law alone, youíre probably missing out on key information. Chapell & Associates continues to be at the forefront of emerging best practice standards for privacy, interactive marketing and software disclosures. We provide your team with a real world evaluation of where your organization's practices fit within that spectrum. Privacy evaluations are tailored to fit your organizationís needs, and include:

  • SOFTWARE DISCLOSURE AND EVALUATION - Chapell & Associates was instrumental in the development of best practice standards for software functionality and privacy disclosures. We understand the ad supported software business model, including all aspects of distribution, and help to ensure a level of transparency that is critical to success in this space.
  • AUDIT THE AUDITOR - Many larger organizations, even those with internal auditing teams, should have an independent third party evaluate the methods and procedures of the internal team in order to ensure that organizational goals are being met.
  • DATA AND LIST EVALUATIONS - Because Governmental regulators and enforcement agencies are increasingly holding businesses accountable for the actions of their business partners, itís now critical to have a full understanding of the source of any data youíre using to enhance your marketing outreach efforts. For example, we can provide an evaluation of third-party lists to determine if data was initially collected in violation of a privacy policy.
  • STRATEGY SESSION - Typically a half or full day meeting where clients confidentially share all or part of their business plan, and Chapell & Associates provides an assessment of where your organization fits within the spectrum of emerging best practice standards. We also outline key areas of risk.

STANDARDS DEVELOPMENT - Chapell & Associates has partnered with senior leaders from some of the largest online media, software, behavioral targeting, cable, and mobile marketing companies to develop recommended industry practices for ensuring transparency and accountability. We believe that the establishment of industry best practices can help to create a viable ecosystem in which business models can prosper, consumers can understand what they are getting and overly burdensome governmental regulation can be minimized.

CONSUMER RESEARCH - If you don't understand consumer perceptions of your product, brand and category, your business is at risk. We conduct and offer primary research that will provide you with invaluable insight into the hearts and minds of the consumer.

DEVELOPMENT OF PRIVACY AND DISCLOSURE POLICIES - For many organizations, a privacy policy is the primary means of communicating its privacy practices to the world. Yet, all too often, privacy policies are incomplete and (in some instances) inaccurate. Chapell & Associates will work with your marketing, technology, and legal teams to develop and/or refine a privacy policy that makes sense for your business Ė and your customers.

TRAINING PROGRAMS - Even the best privacy program falls apart without dedication to training. We work with each business unit to ensure that your privacy and data disclosure policies are effectively implemented, and that all employees are educated on their individual and team roles in meeting privacy goals. This includes training on security practices, addressing customer complaints and requests for personal information, and ensuring that marketing campaigns are privacy compliant.

PRIVACY MARKETING - Research has demonstrated that the development of a robust privacy program creates significant opportunities. Organizations can leverage privacy as a way to build customer trust, support the collection of better customer data, and market more effectively. Good privacy practices can lead to new revenue sources, particularly for organizations that posses, or seek to posses, a well-known and respected brand. Chapell & Associates develops privacy practices that increase ROI.

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