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Compliance Practice

Chapell & Associates is outside counsel and chief privacy officer to the technology marketplace. Companies in the era of big data ignore current and evolving industry standards at their peril. Both federal and state regulators in the U.S. are increasingly willing to hold organizations accountable for the actions of their business partners. As a result, marketers increasingly refuse to do business with partners that don’t measure up. Chapell & Associates has insight into emerging best practice standards. In fact, we’ve helped develop many of the standards for privacy, behavioral and affiliate marketing in use today. The following are some of our compliance services:

  • Privacy & Business Practice Evaluations - Here we evaluate your company’s practices and measure them against a framework of existing and emerging best practice standards. We’ve performed evaluations for Venture Capital firms to help them vet potential investments. Similarly, we’ve performed evaluations to help clients position their offerings as “privacy safe.” If you want to know whether your company’s offerings are at risk of running afoul of best practice standards, you should speak with us.
  • Development of Best Practice Standards - While Chapell & Associates is an active participant in several trade associations, we’ve found that associations do not always cater to companies with unique business models when it comes to establishing best practice standards. In many instances, these companies need to demonstrate their compliance by way of analogy. Using our own knowledge base along with that of our many contacts within privacy, interactive marketing and consumer groups, Chapell & Associates will help you establish that your company’s practices should be accepted within your industry.
  • Training Programs - Even the best compliance program falls apart without dedication to training. We work with each business unit to ensure that your privacy and data disclosure policies are effectively implemented, and that your employees are educated about their individual and team roles in meeting company privacy goals. This includes training relating to security practices, addressing customer complaints and requests for personal information, and ensuring that marketing campaigns are privacy compliant.

    We focus on the following business verticals:

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Behavioral Advertising
    • Cross-device attribution
    • Downloadable Software
    • Email Marketing

    • Internet of Things
    • Mobile & Precise Location
    • Programmatic Media
    • Privacy
    • Social Networking