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Research | The 2004 Study on Internet Ads
Research Conducted with the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Chapell & Associates and Revenue Science.

  • We see a high level of consumer frustration over ad clutter: many respondents perceive banner ads as annoying, intrusive, and irrelevant.
  • Most Respondents felt strongly that banner ads are intrusive and interfere with browsing.
  • Almost as many respondents indicate that banner ads were generally not tailored to their interests or tastes.
  • Despite frustration with Internet ads, respondents are not willing to spend money in order to reduce ad clutter.
  • Despite frustration over ad clutter, banner ads appear to be effective at getting people to browse and buy.
  • Respondents prefer targeted banner ads over non-targeted ads as they found them to be less annoying, more relevant and more likely to induce an interaction than non-targeted banner ads.
  • Respondents are more comfortable getting targeted ads that don't rely upon PII.

The 2004 Study on Internet Ads has received a good deal of press, including: