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2004 Articles

"Make Love Not Spam" Questioned -
ImediaConnection December 9, 2004 (Lycos Europe's crusade against spam).

TiVo 2.0 -
ImediaConnection November 30, 2004 (Tivo's new advertising strategy).

The Good Word on Word of Mouth -
ImediaConnection November 24, 2004 (Word of mouth advertising and privacy).

CA's Privacy Law Takes Effect in January - November 18, 2004 (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse suit against pharmacy)

Sealing the Deal -
ImediaConnection November 15, 2004 (TRUSTe & Net Creations point of collection seal).

What a Teen Consumer Wants -
ImediaConnection October 19, 2004 (Advertising data collection, privacy and teens).

Albertson's Case Shows Hazards of Privacy Waters - October 12, 2004 (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse suit against pharmacy)'s A9 Adventure -
ImediaConnection October 6, 2004 (Amazon's release of the A9 enhanced search functionality).

Seal of Approval -
ImediaConnection September 29, 2004 (Discussion of Online Trust Metrics: Seal and ratings programs).

The Advertiser is Watching -
ImediaConnection September 16, 2004 (RSS and other marketing channels can put the consumer in control).

Are Blogs the Once-ler of the Net? -
ImediaConnection August 25, 2004 (A discussion of marketing blogs)

Greco Needs to Repair DMA's Relationship With AIM -
DM News August 16, 2004 (An analysis of the Association for Interactive Marketing)

Why Did DidTheyReadIt Become So Controversial?
DM News August 9, 2004 (An explanation of the importance of properly positioning a privacy sensitive technology).

Pizza and Privacy -
ImediaConnection August 5, 2004 (A discussion of the recent ACLU pizza video as an example of an effective privacy-marketing strategy).

Dangerous Liaisons? -
iMediaConnection July 14, 2004 (An examination of the authentication challenges of Social Networking Sites).

Dangerous Liaisons -
NY Enterprise Report July 13, 2004 (The story of an aggressive email marketing campaign gone awry).

Playing the Games -
ImediaConnection July 8, 2004 (A discussion of video game ad networks)

I'd Like a Pizza With Onions and Meatballs -- but HOLD the Arrest Warrant -
DM News July 6, 2004 (A discussion of pizza delivery services selling their customer lists).

A Piece of the PII -
IMediaConnection June 16, 2004 (Behavioral targeting will only work if consumers, marketers really understand value of personally identifiable information).

Who's Best to Oversee Spam Problem? -
DM News June 8, 2004 (An analysis of the dot-mail proposal outlined by Spamhaus).

The Real Problem with Gmail - ImediaConnection May 20, 2004 (Discussion of Google's Gmail and how they may have positioned the product in a more privacy friendly way).

Don't Ask Your Customers to Assume the Risk of Data Security -
DM News May 5, 2004 (Reprinted in the June issue of Privacy Officer Advisor)

Privacy and Data Collection Strategies -
DM News February 24, 2004 (Discussion of the grass roots marketing and data collection programs used by many tobacco companies).