Articles - Mr. Chapell is widely recognized as a thought leader on issues of privacy, consumer perception and interactive marketing. He is a regular contributor to the iMedia Connection, the DMNews and the International Association of Privacy Professionals' Privacy Officer Advisor.

Protect Your Brand from Rogue Affiliates - iMedia Connection, September 01, 2006 (Agents, accountability, and affiliate networks).

Reaching the Mobile Consumer - iMedia Connection, August 18, 2006 (Data collection and mobile ad targeting).

Behavioral Retargeting 101 - iMedia Connection, July 07, 2006 (BT, search, and privacy issues).

The Status on Mobile Spam - iMedia Connection, June 02, 2006 (SMS Spam - definitions, sources, and solutions).

A Click Fraud Solution? - iMedia Connection, May 08, 2006 (Click fraud, authentication, and potential privacy issues).

Behavioral Targeting: Five Issues - May 03, 2006 (Avoiding the hype and reclaiming the promise of BT).

Are Advertisers Responsible for the Actions of Their Agents? - TRUSTe Advocate, April 2006 (Lawmaker outlines marketing pitfalls).

Exclusive Q&A with the NY AG's Office - iMedia Connection, April 26, 2006 (Adware, affiliate networks, and policing online agents).

Improving Mobile Marketing and Privacy - iMedia Connection, April 17, 2006 (Industry experts chart initiatives for the future).

Q&A with WhenU's Bill Day - iMedia Connection, April 12, 2006 (Providing consumers value and building a brand through privacy).

Potential Solution Strategies for Spyware - iMedia Connection, April 03, 2006 (Legal, technical and media based alternatives).

Mobile Marketing & Opt-In - MMA Newsletter, March 2006 (Balancing geographic targeting and consumer concern).

What Would a National Privacy Law Do to Your Marketing? - DM News March 06, 2006 (Microsoft backs congress on limiting data collection).

Bill May Upend Online Marketing Model - iMedia Connection February 27, 2006 (New legislation's effect on data collection).

Spam, Marketing and the Consumer - iMedia Connection February 15, 2006 (Email certification's effect on email marketing).

WOM: Full Disclosure - iMedia Connection February 6, 2006 (Building consumer trust in "buzz" marketing).

Consumers Still Aren't Careful Enough With Their Personal Information - DM News January 23, 2006 (The business role in data protection).

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