Chapell & Associates is a law firm focusing on privacy

Alan Chapell serves as outside counsel and chief privacy officer to digital media companies. Since 2003, Chapell has advised well over two hundred different companies, from venture backed startups to some of the largest media, technology, and telecommunications companies in the world. Chapell’s mission is to help clients navigate regulatory, public policy and other marketplace challenges to maximize the value of their products and services.

Chapell understands the major players and key issues impacting digital ecosystems. This knowledge puts him in position to advise clients on how to maximize opportunities while avoiding the major pitfalls. And Chapell was appointed by the U.S. Trustee’s Office to evaluate relevant privacy issues in over 25 bankruptcy cases, including General Motors, Chrysler, Eddie Bauer, Atari and St. Vincent’s hospitals. He has been a trusted resource to U.S. Senators and Congressional representatives, trade associations and policymakers in the European Union and Canada.

Most of Chapell’s time is spent advising clients on an ongoing basis with a preference towards long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. For startups that don’t have a general counsel or privacy team, Chapell acts as their chief privacy officer. As clients build out their legal and privacy teams, Chapell typically slides over to more of an advisory role and becomes a sounding board to help evaluate the company’s privacy strategy.

Chapell is also the chief analyst and publisher of The Chapell Report, a monthly research report focusing on the most important topics pertaining to digital media and privacy. You may find more information about the Chapell Report here.

Chapell is also available for the following:

  • Strategy Sessions – Chapell does half-day sessions to educate companies on emerging privacy law and standards and to evaluate business plans.

  • Privacy Evaluations – Companies looking for a deeper dive into the viability of their privacy approach and business plan may choose to have Chapell audit their privacy representations, data flows and overall compliance strategy.

  • Keynote Speaking – Chapell is an oft-requested keynote speaker at industry trades and private events and may be available to moderate your panel on virtually any topic implicating digital media – not just privacy panels.

  • Due Diligence on acquisitions and investments – Having guided over twenty companies to lucrative exits, Chapell is an invaluable resource to adtech and martech companies looking to be acquired or who are seeking the next round of funding. Chapell also works frequently with VC and equity firms seeking to better understand and mitigate their risks.

  • Project Based Work – Chapell is frequently asked to do project based work and is often selected over the big consulting firms due to his depth of knowledge on how digital ecosystems operate in practice.


  • Contact Chapell – For more information, please reach out to achapell AT chapellassociates DOT com or visit Chapell’s LinkedIn profile here.

Chapell is often asked to write for industry trades, and some of his writing may be found here.

Chapell spends his time in New York City and Sausalito, CA with his wife Maria and daughter Rose. His daughter Keily lives in Seattle. He is also an accomplished musician. Some links to his music may be found here.